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King Harald´s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 VESTFOLD (NOR)

July 25 - 30, 2017

Oslofjord Convention Centre

Details for Sodankyla Kisasiskot - SODANKYLA (FIN07)

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Group nameSodankyla Kisasiskot (FIN)

Key Staff

Group LeaderSeija Rautiainen
1st CoachInga Lokka
1st ChoreographerPäivi Neitola


Show titleWomen on Stage
Type of ShowGymnastics and Dance
Categorysmall group, up to 20 gymnasts
ApparatusGymnastics and Dance
Nr of Gymnasts14 (with disability 0)
DescriptionSodankylä is a municipality in the middle of Finnish Lapland. Ordinary people live here with their ordinary joys and sorrows experiencing the midnight sun and the polar nights. In the summer the sun does not set at all and at winter nights the Northern Lights are often dancing in the sky. These colourful lights at dark nights have also inspired the following program that is performed by Sodankylän Kisasiskot. This society founded in 1951 with its skilled voluntary instructors give opportunities to diverse exercise to residents of all ages in Sodankylä all year round. This program 'Women on Stage' you are up to see now is a story about a group of women who are dancing while the Northern Lights are flaming above in the sky.
Fun FactsWe are group of women of different ages and backgrounds; the great grandmother, grandmothers and mothers on their first class trip abroad, no men along! Love for gymnastics and dance is common to all of us.
MusicFinnish dance music.

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