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King Harald´s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 VESTFOLD (NOR)

July 25 - 30, 2017

Oslofjord Convention Centre

Details for Tiszagym, Tiszaoejvoeiros - TISZAOEJVOEIROS (HUN01)

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Group nameTiszagym, Tiszaoejvoeiros (HUN)

Key Staff

Group LeaderVanda Haisz
1st CoachÉva Madár
2nd CoachKatalin Bárócz
1st ChoreographerVanda Haisz
2nd ChoreographerÉva Madár


Show titlePulse of Dance
Type of ShowAerobic Gymnastics and Dance
Categorylarge group, 21 and more gymnasts
ApparatusGymnastics and Dance
Nr of Gymnasts26 (with disability 0)
DescriptionTiszagym is a Hungarian GFA Team from Tiszaujvaros, established in 1996. The team have participated in many Wolrd Gymnaestradas and Eurogym festivals. The group consist of 26 girls between 10 and 25. They show a mix of dynamic and energetic aerobics and lyrical modern dance with acrobatic moves, which is the main profile of the group. Group leaders are Vanda Haisz and Eva Madeir, the assistants are Katalin Beireicz and Anna Kopcse.
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