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King Harald´s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 VESTFOLD (NOR)

July 25 - 30, 2017

Oslofjord Convention Centre

Details for Stabekk Turnforening - SANDVIKA (NOR09)

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Group nameStabekk Turnforening (NOR)

Key Staff

Group LeaderBrenda Garbin
1st CoachKatelyn Garbin
1st ChoreographerKatelyn Garbin
2nd ChoreographerBrenda Garbin


Show titleRings in Harmony
Type of ShowRhythmic Gymnastics
Categorysmall group, up to 20 gymnasts
ApparatusGymnastics and Dance
Nr of Gymnasts4 (with disability 4)
DescriptionStabekk Turnforenings Rythmic Gymnastics group for girls with special needs will perform their group Ring program.
Fun FactsTwo of the gymnasts are Gold Medal winners in Artistic Gymnastics from Special Olympic World Games 2015 in Los Angeles. Their coach (also special needs), Katelyn Garbin, is a 5 time Gold medal winner from Special Olympic World Games 2007 in Shanghai, Kina and Special Olympics World Games in Athen, Greece 2011. The four gymnasts have trained actively in Stabekk Turnforening for 6 years. Their coach was a gymnast for 10 years before completing her Coaches degree Level 1 from the Norwegian Sports Federation. Coach Katelyn also competed in the first Gym for Life Challenge in Dornbirn, Austria 2009 and won Gold in her group.

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