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King Harald´s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 VESTFOLD (NOR)

July 25 - 30, 2017

Oslofjord Convention Centre

Details for Olympiada Thrakomakedonon - ATHENS (GRE51)

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Group nameOlympiada Thrakomakedonon (GRE)

Key Staff

Group LeaderEfi Filippou
1st CoachOlympia Dragouni
2nd CoachGavriela Karagianni
1st ChoreographerOlympia Dragouni
2nd ChoreographerGavriela Karagianni


Show titleThe Wolves and the Moon
Type of ShowTheatratical Choreography, Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics
Categorylarge group, 21 and more gymnasts
ApparatusGymnastics on or with large apparatus
Nr of Gymnasts62 (with disability 0)
DescriptionThe program is a theatrical choreography with RG and AG elements. The wolves live together in a dynamic harmony, when on the occasion of full moon, a dispute breaks out between the two leaders and their herbs. At the end, the reconcilation brings peace. The wolves can do anything together. Shouldn't that make an example for today's society ?
Fun FactsThis program won the 1st place in both 'Gymnastics For All' competitions held in Hellas in 2016. It was the first time presented a program with so many high level gymnasts. We dedicate it to hospitable Norway that - as we learned - carries out a campaign for the preservation of the Norwagian wolf.

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