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King Harald´s World Gym for Life Challenge 2017 VESTFOLD (NOR)

July 25 - 30, 2017

Oslofjord Convention Centre

Details for Welsch Master Team - - (SUI53)

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Group nameWelsch Master Team (SUI)
City- (SUI)

Key Staff

Group LeaderFrancis Gruet
1st CoachMyriam Bertholet-Laala


Show titleRomeo and Juliet 2.0
Type of ShowArtistic Gymnastics
Categorylarge group, 21 and more gymnasts
ApparatusGymnastics on or with large apparatus
Nr of Gymnasts62 (with disability 0)
DescriptionWe live in a era where opposites have never been so close from each other: love and hatred, black and white, sorrow and happiness, union and destruction, war and peace. Our civilization is made of sometimes painful contradictions and even love can play tricks on us. So what if the story of Romeo and Juliet would be adapted to our era in the New-York Bronx? What would happen? Would love win over this rivalry? An impossible love between two members of rival gangs. The gang war is declared! The lovers get marooned in an intense forbidden and dangerous passion. Where will this love lead them to? The Welsh Master Team will present you this revisited universe of Romeo and Juliet in their production called Romeo and Juliet 2.0.
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