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Montreal Worlds honoured at 'Gala de SportsQuébec'

Publication date : 16/05/2018

The 2017 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Montreal (CAN) was awarded a prestigious 'Maurice' at the 45th Gala de SportsQuébec, held 10 May in Laval.

The 2017 Worlds, held 2-8 October at Montreal Olympic Stadium, won the trophy for Best International Event, eclipsing the 2017 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Montreal and the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Mont-Sainte-Anne.

"For Gymnastics to beat the country's number one sport, Hockey, is quite an achievement that we are very proud of," said Richard Crépin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gymnastics Canada.

First held in 1973, the Gala SportsQuébec honours the best in Québec sports at the provincial, national and international level. The sports federations of Québec submitted 210 nominations. This year's edition featured 57 finalists in 19 categories up for a "Maurice," the trophy that takes it name from Montreal Ice Hockey legend Maurice Richard (1921-2000).

Additionally, William Émard (Laval Excellence), who won the All-around and four events at the 2017 Canadian Championships, was a finalist in the Best Male Athlete, National category. He won the award in the provincial category in 2014.

The honour for the 2017 Worlds marks the first time a Gymnastics competition has won a "Maurice" and is the 11th overall for Gymnastics at the Gala de SportsQuébec.